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Innovative Technology

     Proven Methodology

           Fiscal Responsibility

Our Mission

ECHOTECH works to solve today's environmental problems with the proper balance of innovative technology, proven methodology, and fiscal responsibility.  Our diverse organization allows us to address a variety of geotechnical and environmental issues including:

We understand that project managers have budgetary constraints.  Our approach is to use appropriate advanced investigative techniques to fully characterize a project and give managers realistic cost estimates.  These techniques often provide a more complete evaluation for less money than conventional methods.  This allows managers to secure necessary funds before the project is committed and minimizes the need for change-orders.

We have built a reputation for setting a new standard in solving clients' problems.  Our goal is to provide the results you want, on time, and under budget.  Don't be surprised if the solution we suggest is simple and cost-effective compared to traditional methods.  Our intention is to build long-term relationships which are mutually beneficial.  Solving more problems within your fixed budget makes us both heroes.


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